Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity

1. Inclusion: We affirm that all Muslims have a right to claim their faith and identity – irrespective of sexual identity, gender identity and expression, relationship formation, or spiritual practice or communities – and be fully and meaningfully included in the religious, civic, and social life of Muslim communities. We hold that Muslim identities and relationships to faith and doctrine manifest in unique, meaningful ways, and that each is equally valid.

2. Equality:

  • We affirm that all people should be treated equally and justly; we are purposefully grounded in racial, economic, and reproductive justice. We stand against misogyny and all forms of discrimination and violence that stem from it, such as homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism, rape culture, intimate partner violence, and cisgenderism.

  • We affirm that Muslims are an integral part of the social fabric of our society and we firmly stand against all systems that attempt to deny that fact. We oppose oppressive structures such as racism, Islamophobia, anti-Muslim bigotry, and xenophobia.

3. Love and Compassion: We acknowledge that the lives of LGBTQ Muslims are often fraught with hatred and violence, and we believe in creating a world that provides a loving, compassionate, healing space for them. We seek to embed these same values in our work.

4. Peace: We affirm our commitment to peace, and stand against violence in all contexts, whether against nations, groups, or individuals. We also acknowledge the continued legacy that imperialism and militarism have in our communities, and refuse to condemn the complicated manifestations of resistance to oppression.

5. Solidarity: We recognize that, as a U.S.-based organization comprised of many communities and movements, both privilege and responsibility undergird our work. We stand in solidarity with both historical and contemporary struggles for justice, while maintaining respect for their autonomy.

6. Sovereignty: We affirm the fundamental right to self-determination for all bodies and identities, individual and collective, including the right to physical, emotional, and mental safety and wellness that is self-directed and respects an individual’s right to bodily integrity.