Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity

Although MASGD was launched in 2013, our steering committee members have been organizing and advocating for LGBTQ Muslims since 1997. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past 20 years, it is that there is no single description we can use to describe an LGBTQ+ Muslim. We come from all races and ethnicities, speak a wide range of languages (and often a handful of them), experience varying degrees of religious devotion, and have limitless styles of religious practice. We live in cities, in the country, in the suburbs, on the streets, in dorms, and in gated communities. We were raised Muslim, converted (or reverted) to Islam, left one practice of Islam for another, embrace Islam with our whole hearts, and hold the label “Muslim” with a lot of ambivalence.

Whenever the words LGBTQ+ and Muslim collide, you can be sure there is a story. The Azaan project was conceived as a way to tell some of our stories, in our own voices.

The stories in this project are minimally edited to retain the authentic voices of the authors. They do not reflect official positions or beliefs of MASGD as an organization or of the Steering Committee members. We stand behind the authors’ rights to define their identities and describe their experiences, though, and ask that readers allow themselves to listen with as much courage as our authors demonstrate in sharing their truths.

Voices of Eid 2018

The Map of Queer Iftars – Jordan Alam

Consider the Ummah – Yusef Bornacelli

The Fold – ociele hawkins

Voices of Ramadan 2017

Weaving Our History Back Together – Mahdia Lynn

Fasting While Black – Laila Nur

No Place for Queer Souls – Omar Sarwar

Family Jewels for Eid – Al-Walid